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Let’s merge into nature

Let’s merge into nature

I finished creating the fourth painting in my yoga series.  I designed a composition that suggests a landscape, hinting at trees, flowers and distant mountains.  I used some really interesting papers that I printed on my gel plate last week (7/25/14  post).  I layered and painted over these papers creating atmospheric perspective with a fore, middle and distance ground.  The title is Prakriti-Laya which is Sanskrit for “merging into nature”.

Prakriti-Laya Web

Prakriti-Laya, mixed media, 20″ x 16″, $600

Original available at kathyfergusonart.com.  Prints also available at  saatchionline.com

My Version of Yoga


I’ve started a series of Yoga inspired paintings.  The first painting in the series (see March 17, 2014 blog post ) titled “Akasha”, represents “inner” space, that is, the space of consciousness.  My second painting, shown here, titled “Hamsa” refers to the breath as it moves within the body.  What is your favorite part of your yoga practice?  Mine is Savasana, a pose of total relaxation where I get to lay on the floor and not move. You can see I’m not much of an exerciser :).

Hamsa Web

“Hamsa”, Mixed Media on Panel, 20″ x 16″, $600

available at http://www.kathyfergusonart.com