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Nude week continues


A couple of days ago, I shared my two paintings of nudes in The Gallery at the Watershed‘s “Elegant Nude” exhibition later this month.  As luck would have it, I’ve also found a new home for another of my nudes with an old friend in Denver.  She visited my studio a couple of years ago and admired this paintings as I was in the process of painting it.  I told her I’d let her know when I finished it so she could see the completed painting.  Life got in the way, and I stored it in my studio closet forgetting all about my promise until my recent studio purge (see August 26 post).  Over two years later, both of us having moved to new cities, I thankfully managed to track her down and let her know it was available.  Happily, she was still interested so off it goes to a new home.

Nude paintings are a funny thing.  Many people are reluctant to hang them in their home, and only then in their more private areas such as their bedrooms or bathrooms.  I grew up with a nude drawing of my father’s friend (he was the model for the sketch) hanging in our living room.  It must have been that liberal, 60’s California upbringing that makes me comfortable with hanging a nude in any room in my home.  How about you?  Would you be comfortable displaying a nude painting in your home?



“Woman on Chest”, 20″ x 16″, Oil on Canvas

It never even made it on the wall


I recently delivered a painting to the Madelyn Jordon Fine Art Gallery for inclusion in their “Summer Remix” group exhibition that opened last week.  As luck would have it, I ran into a friend who wanted to buy it two days before the opening.  They displayed the painting at the opening anyway but with the coveted red dot on the information label.  For those who don’t know, when a painting sells in a gallery/exhibition, the curator/sales staff will paste a little red dot on the painting’s information label to show that it has already been sold.  I LOVE when I see the red dot on a painting of mine as it means that it has found a good home.

Luckily, the gallery owner ask me to bring up a different painting to exchange out with the sold painting.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for another red dot!  The new painting depicts a magically mist that mysteriously dissipates to show a colorful bower just waiting to be explored.

Vines Revealed Web

“Vines Revealed”, Mixed Media, 32″ x 32″, $1800

Pushing another chick out of the nest

Pushing another chick out of the nest

More good news…I sold another painting this week to a previous collector.  Some paintings are harder to let go of than others because they have special meaning for me.  “Exodus” is one of those paintings as it is the first painting I did for my master thesis.  This painting tells the story of an autocratic society where the citizens’ lives are heavily controlled under the guise of security and “the greater good”… (i.e. “1984”)  Some citizens choose to risk escaping into the unknown, forfeiting a life of safety and order for the chance at personal freedom.  And I’ll bet you thought it was just a painting about seed pods!

Like the seed pods, it is time for “Exodus” to escaping the confines of my studio and enjoy the freedom of a new home.