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Watch me make a painting – Step 3


In my last post, I started a new “vine” painting and showed you the first two steps.  Today, we move to step 3.  To complete the “under-painting”, I added lots of pieces of colored paper to the panel.  I kept the colors bright and bold, weaving and overlapping them to create a surface of bold color and heavy texture.  I added several more layers of paper over these initial paper layers shown below.  All of the paper was coated with acrylic medium on both sides to glue it to the surface and protect the surface.  It looks like a hot mess now, doesn’t it?!  Step 4 will be posted tomorrow, and you’ll see how I resolve all of this random color into a coherent design.

Vine Revealed step 3

Watch me make a painting – Steps 1 & 2


I was asked to create a new set of paintings based off a previous painting of mine that had already sold.  They asked for two brightly color, graphic paintings of stylized vines that could hang together.  I thought it would be fun to show you how I create the first of these two new paintings, step by step.

Step 1:  I started with an outline sketch to get an idea of the placement for the vines.

vines cutout2


Step 2:  Then, I covered a 24″ x 24″ cradled birch panel with gesso, added a pale yellow base color and some loose drippy light blue paint for energy.  Next, I cut out some intricate designs in paper, painted one of them dark blue, and glued them to the painting surface  to add some interesting texture.  I will post the remaining steps through out this week.  Thanks for following along.

Vines 2 step1

Letting my imagination go wild


This week’s class assignment was to work without a reference.  Yay!  None of that pesky realism to get in the way of creating art =)!  I started with the idea of a basic T composition and a color palette of analogous blue/green/yellow and added a loose drippy under-painting with acrylics.  Then I pulled out my new Gel Printing Plate I got for Christmas and made some prints on dry deli paper.  It was fun to stamp, spray and splatter, printing several layers over each other.  I adhered the paper to the panel to block in areas of color and texture. I continued to push and pull with paint to create this version.  Though intended as a pure abstraction, does anyone else see a person doing yoga?  Our minds try to force realism on us even when we aren’t looking for it.

Exercise 5_Ferguson

Akasha“, mixed media on panel, 20″ x 16”

Let’s “Mondrian” my studio


My abstract painting class continues.  For this assignment, we were to paint an abstracted version of our studio space.  Here’s my reference photo and my abstracted version of it.  I painted it in oils for a change and I love the opacity the paint (a nice change from acrylics).  It has a crisp feel and a “Mondrain-esque” character.

2014-02-27 17.15.43

Exercise 3.1_Ferguson

Is winter over yet?


I’m guessing many of you are pretty tired of winter by now.  With the Winter Olympics are over, all this snow doesn’t seem interesting anymore without Ted Ligety and Mikaela Shiffrin skiing through the stuff.  My painting of sun dabbled Florida palm trees is to remind you of warmer days to come.  Now all we need is a lounge chair, a Mai Tai (umbrella optional) and we’ll be all set.  =)

Exercise 4_Ferguson

I could use a little help here.


I just finished a new painting and I’m loving the simple blue and tan color scheme.  However, I’m completely stumped on a title.  My oldest daughter said it looks like a hurricane but with the recent devastating typhoon in the Philippines, she suggested that idea was a little inappropriate.  I would love any suggestions or ideas. Please leave me a comment if you think of something.

Jagged Circle Web

“Untitled”, Mixed Media on canvas, 20″ x 20″