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Grace Slick juries “The Elegant Nude” exhibition


I’m pleased to announce the inclusion of two of my paintings in the exhibition “THE ELEGANT NUDE” at The Gallery at the Watershed in Eugene, Oregon. Located at 321 Mill Road, Eugene, Oregon, the exhibition runs from Sept. 23 – Nov. 1, 2014


Opening reception: Friday, Sept. 26, 7-8:30 p.m.
First Friday Artwalk: October 3, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Juried by the incomparable Grace Slick, a working painter showing in numerous galleries for decades after her beloved contribution to artistic and cultural history with Jefferson Airplane, and the esteemed Curator Robert Canaga.

The emphasis in the works is on the elegance and beauty of the human body; its variations, its expressiveness, its remarkable form. The gallery is delighted to show you how we are seen, naked and human, through the eyes and hearts of exceptional artists from around the world.

Nude week continues


A couple of days ago, I shared my two paintings of nudes in The Gallery at the Watershed‘s “Elegant Nude” exhibition later this month.  As luck would have it, I’ve also found a new home for another of my nudes with an old friend in Denver.  She visited my studio a couple of years ago and admired this paintings as I was in the process of painting it.  I told her I’d let her know when I finished it so she could see the completed painting.  Life got in the way, and I stored it in my studio closet forgetting all about my promise until my recent studio purge (see August 26 post).  Over two years later, both of us having moved to new cities, I thankfully managed to track her down and let her know it was available.  Happily, she was still interested so off it goes to a new home.

Nude paintings are a funny thing.  Many people are reluctant to hang them in their home, and only then in their more private areas such as their bedrooms or bathrooms.  I grew up with a nude drawing of my father’s friend (he was the model for the sketch) hanging in our living room.  It must have been that liberal, 60’s California upbringing that makes me comfortable with hanging a nude in any room in my home.  How about you?  Would you be comfortable displaying a nude painting in your home?



“Woman on Chest”, 20″ x 16″, Oil on Canvas

Painting in the nude

Painting in the nude

I knew that would get your attention!  And no, I don’t paint in the nude, but this week I am featuring paintings I did of nude models in 2012.   For these two paintings, I couldn’t find a friend willing to pose for me, so I had to use myself as the model (painting from a photograph).  I set up the camera on a tripod, pushed the 10-second delay button and leapt onto the bed striving to strike a tasteful pose before the shutter button went off.  It took me about 30 tries and it was a serious aerobic workout.  I chose to mask my face in a pillow to create a more “any woman” feel and to draw the focus on the body.  Now when I look at these paintings, I’m still happy with them.  However, I do wonder why I didn’t think to make my ass smaller!

These two paintings will hang in The Gallery at the Watershed‘s upcoming “Elegant Nude” exhibition in Eugene Oregon from September 23 through November 1, 2014.  Below are these two paintings.


Morning Sun CAFE

“Morning Sun”, 11″ x 14″, oil on canvas, $350

Last Rays of the Day CAFE

“Last Rays of the Day”, 11″ x 14″, oil on canvas, $350

Monkey see, monkey do.


I’m still learning to paint abstract figures.  This week’s assignment titled “Copy to Learn, Learn to Copy” means we are to copy the style of two other famous abstract figurative painters using our own models and then create paintings in each of their styles. My first “emulation” was of the artist Nathan Oliveira‘s work.  This is my son, Devon.

Exercise 10.1_Ferguson

The second painting is a full body portrait but it’s a nude, so the model (my husband) said I had to heavily crop it for public viewing.  It’s styled after paintings by the artist Kim Froshin.

Exercise 10.2 Closeup_Ferguson