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Visit hundreds of Open Studios, including mine!

Hundreds of open artists’ studios, dozens of art exhibits, live dance, music, and performance art will be happening during the LIC Arts Open 2016 from May 18 – 22. At Reis Studios (where my studio is located), there are 200 artists in my building plus many other artists in nearby studio buildings participating in the LIC Arts Open Studios.   If you collect art, it’s an easy way to see a wonderful variety of art to add or start your own art collection.  I will be demonstrating my collage printmaking techniques during this weekend, May 21 & 21 from 12-6 pm, making free one-of-a-kind cards for all interested visitors.  Come by and get one.  Or just stop by to say “hi”!  I’m in studio #225.
Reis Studios, an International Community of Established and Emerging Artists, is located just blocks from P.S.1 and one stop from Manhattan.  Here’s how to get to  Reis Studios #225, 43-01 22nd Street, Long Island City. 11101

You’ve got mail!


2015-07-23 16.20.55

In my last blog post, I talked about how to best manage my two studios.  One idea was to invest in duplicates of my most used tools. Some of these tools are my Gelli Arts printing plate and Speedball brayers so I purchased a second set yesterday.  I wanted to play with my new tools but not worry too much about the final outcome so I decided to decorate envelopes.  If I didn’t like the way they turned out, I could always use them to pay my bills with.

I started out by cutting 3″ Post-It notes in half and sticking them to the center front of the envelopes.  That preserved the address white space.

2015-07-21 19.33.41 2015-07-21 20.37.44 2015-07-21 20.38.35

Next I got out my Gelli plate, brayers, acrylic paints and stencils (some hand cut, others purchased from Stencil Girl Products).  I started by adding some paint to the Gelli plate and then rolling it out into a smooth layer using a brayer.  I placed the envelope face down on the plate, placed a clean piece of scrap paper on top and rolled a clean brayer over all of it to transfer the paint.  I cleaned the plate and then added a second paint color to the plate.  This time after rolling on the paint, I laid a stencil over the paint and then placed the envelope on top (and the scrap paper) and rolled the clean brayer over it all.  This left an interesting pattern as the top layer with the first paint layer showing through the stencil gaps.  I sometimes printed a third stencil layer as well.  I repeated the process on the back of the envelopes.

Finally, I pulled out my paints and markers (I use Copic MarkersZig Writer and Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens) to doodle and add some details.  Voila!  Some fun, usable envelopes.

2015-07-23 16.29.34

The Back Side of the Envelopes

Managing two studios


2015-07-19 10.46.49

I love being able to split my time between two homes, one in New York City and the other in Vail, Colorado.  And while I love escaping to Colorado, especially during NYC’s hot and humid summers, I have found it a challenge to manage the supplies in two studios.  I can never remember what items I have at which place and often end up without the supplies I need or accidentally buying multiples I don’t need (which is how I now own four staple guns).  The easiest solution would be to just duplicate everything, but that’s a financial commitment I’m not willing to make as I can easily transport some of the more expensive specialty tools back and forth in my suitcase.

However, the one item I won’t transport is paint.  It’s heavy, you can’t always bring it in your carry on and it likes to explode in my suitcase at higher Colorado altitudes.  It was time to get organized!

I started by painting these acrylic paint color charts.  They let me see which colors I have in stock and figure out which colors I need.  For example, for the soft body (fluid) acrylics, I can see that I’m missing a cool yellow, a blue/violet and a dark warm brown (to mix with the blue/violet to make an awesome rich black).  So I’ll ordered bottles of hamsa yellow opaque, ultramarine blue and burnt umber.  I might even splurge for a fluorescent pink I’ve been yearning to try.

If you split your time between locations, how do you manage tracking your belongings?  I’m always looking for good ideas.