Making a mural to celebrate 10 years of joy, fun, & friendships


For the last ten years, I have been deeply involved with an amazing organization called the Roundup River Ranch, located in the mountains of Colorado.   One of Paul Newman’s SeriousFun Children’s Network camps, Roundup River Ranch enriches the lives of children with serious illnesses and their families by offering free, medically-supported camp programs that provide unforgettable opportunities to discover joy, friendships, and confidence.

RRR Sun Tile

Roundup River Ranch celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and is commemorating the event with a huge mural to be displayed at Children’s Hospital Colorado. The mural is an assembly of tiles painted by those individual that the camp has touched in some way (campers and their families, camp counselors and staff, volunteers, donors, and many more individuals). As a board member, I was given the opportunity to contribute a tile to the mural as well.


Roundup River Ranch is a place where sky, earth, water, and fire intersect into a special microcosm of Colorado’s natural beauty. I was assigned “Sky” as my element and the task of illustrating “what camp means to me”. What I love about camp is the joy that fills everyone who is involved in its mission. Camp is a place of friendship, acceptance, discovery, and joy. So for me…“Roundup River Ranch fills my heart”. I depicted a happy sun in a blue Colorado sky filled with love.

RRR Tile setup

If you would like to learn more about the Roundup River Ranch and how you can become involved, check out their website here.




About Kathy Ferguson

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