Managing two studios


2015-07-19 10.46.49

I love being able to split my time between two homes, one in New York City and the other in Vail, Colorado.  And while I love escaping to Colorado, especially during NYC’s hot and humid summers, I have found it a challenge to manage the supplies in two studios.  I can never remember what items I have at which place and often end up without the supplies I need or accidentally buying multiples I don’t need (which is how I now own four staple guns).  The easiest solution would be to just duplicate everything, but that’s a financial commitment I’m not willing to make as I can easily transport some of the more expensive specialty tools back and forth in my suitcase.

However, the one item I won’t transport is paint.  It’s heavy, you can’t always bring it in your carry on and it likes to explode in my suitcase at higher Colorado altitudes.  It was time to get organized!

I started by painting these acrylic paint color charts.  They let me see which colors I have in stock and figure out which colors I need.  For example, for the soft body (fluid) acrylics, I can see that I’m missing a cool yellow, a blue/violet and a dark warm brown (to mix with the blue/violet to make an awesome rich black).  So I’ll ordered bottles of hamsa yellow opaque, ultramarine blue and burnt umber.  I might even splurge for a fluorescent pink I’ve been yearning to try.

If you split your time between locations, how do you manage tracking your belongings?  I’m always looking for good ideas.

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