“Leave it to Beaver” or “American Horror Story”?


As an upper classmen in college, my youngest daughter rated an “apartment” style dorm room this year with a small living room and kitchen.  It was time to upgrade her poster art to something a little classier.  Luckily for her, she has a mother who is an artist.  Darby likes things that are a little twisted (at least compared to me) such as scary movies and depressing books.  No pretty landscape or floral paintings for her.  Artist Kelly Reemtsen creates paintings that are perfect for Darby’s personal taste but sadly, way out of our budget.  So instead, I painted Darby copies of two of Kelly’s paintings.  I love the juxtapose of the sweet, colorful fifties dressed women holding deadly tools.  Are they out doing yard work or is something more sinister going on?  What do you think?  Are the paintings more “Leave it to Beaver” or “American Horror Story”?  Here are my “copies” of her paintings.  Since I’m not selling these paintings and not using them for personal gain, I don’t think it’s unethical to copy them.  People have been copying the Masters for centuries after all :).

Kelly Reemtsen blue web


Kelly Reemtsen yellow web



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  1. Hello, A colleague just sent this link to me. I think it is fine to be inspired by and copy the paintings of others. I believe it is part of the artistic journey. But, I do not think it is fine to blog and post photos without permission of the artist that has been copied.

  2. Dear Kelly,
    I can see your point (especially as the artist being copied). I meant no disrespect. I did include a link to your site with the hope that others who saw your work on the post would follow it so they might purchase your beautiful paintings directly from you. Of course, I will happily take down this post if that is your wish. You are correct that I should have tracked you down to obtain your consent to post a likeness of your work.

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