The Gold Rush of 2014


I am fond of adding metallic gold to my work but I’ve had a hard time finding a material that is both shiny and easy to use.  Gold leaf is beautiful but expensive and messy to work with.  This is my quest to find a paint product that mimics the gold leaf look.  Below is my labeled swatch chart showcasing seventeen different metallic paint/ink products that I tested.

Metallic Gold Paint Chart

GOLD PAINT:  For this test, I applied two coats of each product.  You can see each gold swatch has a distinctive gold color.  My favorites are both of the Golden Acrylics, the Daley Rowney liquid acrylic, the Versatex screen printing ink, the Martha Stewart and Folk Art craft acrylic.  These paints are easy to apply and impart a lovely sheen.  I dislike the Blick acrylics which have a strange plastic quality that makes it difficult to get a smooth, even application.

For a silver paint, the Utrecht silver acrylic (I’m sure Golden has a good one too) is the clear choice.  The Blick version is too gray and not reflective.

For textured gold, Martha Living has a nice Glitter finish.  The Metallic finish is less impressive, as the particles in the heavy gold paint seemed to dull the sheen.  Golden’s mica flake acrylic paint is a unique product with the flakes suspended in a gel medium that dries clear.  It comes in two size flakes, small (seen here) and large.

If you are looking for an oil base paint, Rust-oleum’s Metallic Gold Paint covers well with just one coat but has strong fumes and used only when wearing a respirator.

I’d love to hear any other products people have used that they recommend.  Thanks.

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  1. Hi, I am wanting to paint some frames gold for a picture wall that is a beautiful dark blue. I have been searching the internet for different colors of gold, and i found your site! It is super helpful! Thanks so much!

    • I’m happy I could help. I created this gold paint chart precisely because I couldn’t find good information. I think it’s a wonderful thing when artists share they have learned with each other.

  2. Thank you for writing this post! I’ve been researching gold paint as I’ve been thinking about stencil wallpapering either my bedroom wall or restroom wall. Do you know if any of these paints are suitable on a wall and would they need to be sealed?

    • Any of the paint products should work will on your wall though I would recommend the water based ones (acrylic based) as your tools will easily clean up with soap and water. You shouldn’t need to seal them unless you feel like you need extra protection. The only gold product you would need to seal is gold leaf if you used that instead of paint. I hope this answers your questions.

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    • These are artists paints used for painting fine art pictures. As the paint comes in small tubes or jars, I can’t imagine using them to paint walls. The price would be crazy!

  4. I’m looking into getting the Martha Stewart metallic paint. Did you use the gold or yellow gold? Thank you! This is such helpful information!

  5. Hi! I was just wondering which shade of Rustoleum Water Based you used? Is it one of their “Metallic Accents” paints? If so, which shade please? Or was it a different line?

    Thank you! This chart was very helpful.

  6. Hi Kathy, I was recently gifted a set of 36 Arteza metallic acrylic tubes and the colours are divine. They are very reasonably priced and are a tad thin but excellent value I think. But I bought three of the ‘Liquid Metal’ acrylics by UK firm Robersons and they are fab but not cheap. I guess you get what you pay for. But as my friend said, for some parts of one’s work a thicker paint isn’t always what you need. So I like to work the two together and will buy the Roberson ones one or two at a time. I love them. Thanks for your page – very interesting.

    I’m sure you must know these but in case you don’t:
    Kind regards, Kris

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