Undulating Ribbons


My latest painting, “Undulating Ribbons”.  I used crumpled painted paper and adhered it to a large panel, texturizing the background.  I used more hand painted papers to collage on the ribbons. I added gold leaf for some shimmering bands of light.  You can see the gold leaf better in the photograph taken from the side.  Finally, I painted glazes of color to push the upper ribbons into the background creating depth.

Assignment_7_Ferguson“Undulating Ribbons”, mixed media on panel, 30″ x 40″

Assignment 7_side view_Ferguson


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  1. I love ribbons! This painting is so pretty! How many projects do u need to do before the end of the semester! Congrats …

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  2. Not sure how many projects I have left, I just take it a week at a time. I have four “abstracted urban cityscape” paintings due for next week.

    The way to use gold leaf is to paint “sizing” down where you want the golf leaf to be. Sizing is a thin liquid that turns sticky after it dries for about 30-60 minutes. Then you gentle place the gold leaf over these sticky areas, gently pat down and use a soft brush to remove the extra gold. Voila! The gold only sticks where the sizing was painted. It’s like magic. It’s all the left over gold leaf you’ve brushed off that can get messy. Give it a try!

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