Seed Pods


I just finished a new work titled “Seed Pods”, mixed media, 32″ x 16″ on panel. I tried out some different techniques that gave it a more illustrative look than my earlier work. I used translucent rice paper, layering the many hand painted squares to create multiple new colors from the mixing of these layered papers. The added bonus of being able to see the my early drawings under these papers was also a bonus.

I also experimented using the Eddy Rost stencil by Mary Beth Shaw from StencilGirl Products. Check out her great stencils and others at I liked the pattern so much, I used it again for the tangled roots of the pods.  I’m not sure if  I’ll continue working in this direction, but experimenting with new materials and techniques gets the creative juices flowing.

Seed Pods final?

Seed Pod closeup

Seed Pods Closeup1


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    • Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I have changed the posting to identify the stencil pattern as your design and included a link so others can check our your great products. When I said I had cut out the stencil myself, I only meant that I liked your stencil (which I own) but needed it in a larger size so I had to enlarge it and cut my stencil of this design in the larger size. I will be more careful in the future to list the copyrighted products I use and to be sure to give credit where it belongs. Thanks again.

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