Finding a good home

Finding a good home

A collector of my work sent me a photograph of the painting that he and his wife recently purchased.  The painting “Rush Hour” is a diptych (two paintings designed to hang together to create a single painting) painted on cradled wooden panels.  They hung it by flanking one panel on each side of a door in their lovely home.  It was very clever solution to split the painting panels this way, to frame the doorway.  Thanks guys for sharing this photo.  It makes me glad to see my art hanging in a collector’s home.



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Please follow my journey of embracing an artistic life. I will post news about my latest paintings and process, exhibitions, and more. I hope to inspire you to follow your own creative journey. For more information about my art and happenings visit

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  1. Looks unlikely that we will be back before Thanksgiving, and possibly not until Christmas. Luckily, I got to enjoy a large chunk of the summer in Edwards.

    It looks like David and I are finally going to build a house on our Timber Springs lot. Unfortunately, he is so busy with his new job, that we are going to wait until next summer to finish the design and planning for it.

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